About Inductio

Inductio® is a wireless path for transmitting energy and signals. Until recently, cable transitions between door frames and leaves have been accepted as a necessary evil. Damage to the profile and broken wires were deemed as inevitable.


Number of operations of door hinges as per DIN EN 1935:2002

V S.


Number of operations of Inductio


Frame and leaf electronics are concealed in the door frame and leaf. The dimensions of the plastic housing for connecting the components match the dimensions of the lock recess that is used by door manufacturers for installing a mortise lock.

Key product features

  • Operation with 12VDC or 24 VVDC
  • Cyclical self test
  • Operating voltage monitoring
  • Low internal power consumption
  • Tamper and pry contacts on the electronic housings
  • The pry contact may be used with the aid of an optionally available cover, if necessary. It must be used when installed according to EN 50131.
  • Türband 4 is system-free and may be used with all approved security alarm systems/ installations
  • Indication of operating state with the aid of a green LED on the frame side
  • External field detection
  • Tamper contacts
  • Pry contacts
  • Maintenance-free

Security components at the door

  • Magnetic contact

    Automatic alarm for monitoring doors and windows

  • Locking element

    Prevents access to armed area of security alarm system

  • Motorised lock

    Prevents unauthorised persons from gaining entry into a house, since the door is always locked

  • Interlock switch contact

    Allows the security alarm system (SAS) to evaluate whether the door is locked or not

  • LED stripes

    Not related to security

  • Passive glass break sensor

    Responds to glass break vibrations of approx. 100 kHz

  • Active glass break sensor

    Ultrasound transmitter with receivers, responds to damage or when pressure is applied

  • Vibration alarm

    Collects acoustic events in frequency ranges and evaluates these using a CPU

  • Alarm system/ wired glass

    In case of broken glass, the leads of the alarm system are interrupted

Weakening of current transmission channels

Cable transition

  • Visual defect
  • Vandalism
  • Wire break
  • Risk of pinching
  • Connector ≠ VdS

Tappet contacts

  • Contact corrosion
  • Transmission resistances
  • High-maintenance
  • Moisture

Element placement with hinges

The milled elements and boreholes shall be implemented in accordance with the door-frame systems and door hinges as well as in accordance with the instruction and drawings provided by Dr. Hahn's Application Technology. An installation site for the electronic housing is only suited when the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • The installation dimensions available in the frame must be sufficiently large such that the connecting cable may be installed without any crimping or crushing in the frame.
  • There must be sufficient space for stowing spare cable if the electronic housing must be removed later on.

Hinge package

hinge box TB4 Inductio

  • 1x Türband 4 Inductio, 3-piece
  • 1x hinge accessories kit
  • 4x anchor screw with borehole
  • 3x screws for cover strips
  • 2x set screws to lock against rotation
  • 1x countersink tapping screw Ø 4.8 x 50mm
  • 2x caps (black)
  • 1x assembly instructions

electronic box TB4 Inductio

  • 1x electronic housing (frame electronic including 2x6m supply cables)
  • 1x electronic housing (leaf electronic)
  • 1x electronic accessories kit
  • 1x resistor base
  • 8x terminating resistors 10k Ω
  • 8x terminating resistors 12k Ω
  • 8x terminating resistors 20k Ω
  • 10x cable ties 2.5x100, natural